Grave place number U / 6

Grave information

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Grave No.6
Type of Graveurna

The grave is located in the cemetery Hlavný in the municipality Poľný Kesov, district Nitra, Nitriansky county.

For information on grave sites, deceased, leases
or other information, contact the cemetery administrator:
✆ 037 / 778 71 27

The date the data was last updated: 30.11.2021

Deceased in the grave

Patrik Plenta † 23.11.2021

Contracts on the grave

of contract
paid until
Is rent
Zuzana Mikušová 0,60 EUR / year 24.11.2021 24.11.2031 ÁNO PDF


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Map of cemetery

Color marking:
 A grave with a paid lease and the deceased.
 A grave with unpaid lease and deceased.
 A grave with a paid lease and no deceased.
 A grave with unpaid lease and no deceased.
 A grave without a lease with the deceased.
 A grave with an unpaid lease after a long time.
 A grave without a lease and without the deceased.
sviecka lighted candle on grave