Veľké Vozokany - Cintorín Veľké Vozokany

Cemetery Cintorín Veľké Vozokany is located in the village Veľké Vozokany, district Zlaté Moravce, Nitriansky county.
In the graveyard is buried 628 deceased in 351 graves.
The oldest mention comes from 1901.

At this cemetery, the administrator has activated the service of publishing lease contracts for grave sites. List of current contracts you can see here

The cemetery administrator is Obec Veľké Vozokany, č. 200, 95182 Veľké Vozokany. Administrator / Municipality has only this cemetery in its administration.

For information on grave sites, deceased, leases
or other information, contact the cemetery administrator:
✆ 037 / 634 22 93

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The date the data was last updated: 30.11.2023

Color marking:
 A grave with a paid lease and the deceased.
 A grave with unpaid lease and deceased.
 A grave with a paid lease and no deceased.
 A grave with unpaid lease and no deceased.
 A grave without a lease with the deceased.
 A grave with an unpaid lease after a long time.
 A grave without a lease and without the deceased.
sviecka lighted candle on grave


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List of deceased

Grave number Name, Surname, Birth name Date of death Age
C / 9 Jozef Havetta 8.5.2021 82
C / 61 Emília Zaťková rod. Frajtíková 18.7.2016 79
C / 70 Veronika Jakabová 9.7.2016 25
B / 96 Ján Havetta 12.6.2016 80
C / 31 Mária Bajanová rod. Malá 29.2.2016 101
C / 74 Linda Molnárová 2016 30
B / 161 Peter Lipovský 15.6.2015 46
B / 14 Helena Oboňová 1.4.2015 46
C / 30 Terézia Baligová rod. Babocká 26.1.2015 93
B / 124 Paulína Havettová 2015 85

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