Nemčiňany - Rohožnícky cintorín

Cemetery Rohožnícky cintorín is located in the village Nemčiňany, district Zlaté Moravce, Nitriansky county.
In the graveyard is buried 259 deceased in 191 graves.
The oldest mention comes from 1875.

The cemetery administrator is Obec Nemčiňany, č.128, 95181 Nemčiňany. Except of this graveyard he has in its administration the graveyard (s) Obecný cintorín (526 grave places)  

For information on grave sites, deceased, leases
or other information, contact the cemetery administrator:
✆ 037 / 634 42 32

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The date the data was last updated: 16.2.2023

Color marking:
 A grave with a paid lease and the deceased.
 A grave with unpaid lease and deceased.
 A grave with a paid lease and no deceased.
 A grave with unpaid lease and no deceased.
 A grave without a lease with the deceased.
 A grave with an unpaid lease after a long time.
 A grave without a lease and without the deceased.
sviecka lighted candle on grave


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List of deceased

Grave number Name, Surname, Birth name Date of death Age
191 Jaroslav Kalman 2021 52
190 Štefan Varga 22.10.2018 52
188 Michal Valkovič 2015 -
187 Helena Maďarová rod. Kováčová 13.4.2014 73
89 Helena Švecová 2012 92
123 Ján Labuda 1.9.2008 55
124 Jozef Holý 16.2.2008 75
125 Martin Švec 2008 29
93 Veronika Mojžišová 2007 93
126 Michal Čulík 22.9.2005 67

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