For the villages and administrators of cemeteries we offer the complete service of passportization of cemeteries including the production of information boards. We provide quality service in this field since 2007.

Passportization of the cemetery includes:

  • creating of digital map
  • collecting of data from gravestones
  • taking pictures of grave places and tombstones
  • filling a database with data
  • publication on the Internet
  • publication of leases
  • regular cemetery updates
  • creating of information boards of deceased
  • various sizes of informative showcases
  • the online access to the information about your deceased
  • ectended information and access to the application for administrator of cemetery
  • data archiving
  • constant support of program development - you don´t buy the new program version, but you get it.

More about our offer you can find out on company websites:

View of boards creating


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